Thursday, May 2, 2019

Jay Conner Real Estate Investing Course for Beginners

How To Find Private Money In Your Market To Fund Your Deals No Matter How Experienced You Are…
During the webinar you'll:
  • Discover exactly how to never miss out on a deal because you didn’t have the money...
  • Learn the exact steps needed to attract unlimited funding for your deals, no matter where you live or how little experience you have!
  • Learn the 14 questions potential private lenders will ask. (Mess this up and you can kiss millions of dollars GOOD-BYE!)
  • Find out how to attract funding from three different sources including your own network, folks you don't know and cold prospects!
  • Discover how to locate, with the push of a button, 12,000 new private lenders every month that lend millions of dollars!
  • Plus, a LOT more! Pitch for conference

Real Estate Cashflow Conference

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